Reporting Duty

Reporting Duty

Some commonly asked questions (and their answers) about jury duty are as follows - Hopefully, this will answer any questions you may have. If not, please refer to your jury summons or contact Kate Feeks, Administrative Assistant to Judge Kimbler, at 330-725-9735.

What about parking?

You may park behind the Court House in either the upper or lower parking lot.

What are the hours?

Court is usually in session from 9:00am to 4:40pm with a break for lunch around noon and lasting around 1 hour 15 minutes. However, the hours depend on what is happening in the trial. When the jury starts to deliberate, you could be here late that night depending on what time you started deliberations. Sometimes the Judge likes to start earlier than 9am and/or stay later than 4:30pm as not to prolong your days of service.

How long is my jury service?

Your term of service is one week. That does not mean you will be needed for the entire week, however, you will need to call the tape recording after 5:00pm each evening. You will find out then if you need to come in or when you need to call back. If you are seated on the panel, you are still on call. We try not to seat you on more than one jury, however, sometimes this cannot be avoided.

What is my reporting number?

  • Medina: (833) 710-1165

How did I get selected?

Voter registration lists are sent to the court from the Medina County Board of Elections at the beginning of each year. A computer program randomly selects the jury pool for the year.

How do I prove to my employer that I was here?

After you have served your jury duty you may print a work excuse through the eresponse portal.

Will I be paid for jury service?

Each juror who reports for jury service will be paid $20.00 per day. You will receive your check for jury service approximately one month from your date of service.

I need to complete my juror questionnaire.

Juror Questionnaire must be completed through the Eresponse Listed on your summons or by following the link: